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Privacy Policy

E-mail allows us to serve our customers better by getting information out quickly and efficiently. However, we understand that some people are sensitive about giving out their address because they are afraid of receiving intrusive e-mail, or "spam." Well, we're not "spam" fans either, and we won't rent or send your e-mail address to anyone without your permission. However, we would like to send you e-mail featuring information about special offers from time to time. To cancel this service just sent a reply email with "remove" in the subject line from the address you would like removed. You will be removed before the next newsletter comes out. We will be happy to remove you from our list.

As with e-mail addresses, we know that some folks are hesitant to divulge their telephone number over the World Wide Web. But we care about your privacy. We assure you that we will only use your telephone number to verify information about your order or to update you on any potential problems. We absolutely will not rent out your phone number or make it public information.

We require a phone number for all orders placed at alphabiblepublications.com to allow us to contact our customers quickly in the event that there's a problem with their order. Please let us assure you that we will only use your telephone number to verify information about your order and to update you on potential problems with fulfilling your order. We will not rent out your phone number under any circumstances.

A "cookie" is a harmless string of text that contains information about a specific customer. Websites will often place a cookie in the memory of a customer's computer for the purpose of recognizing that individual customer when he or she later returns to the site. By the limited use of cookies, alphabiblepublications.com is able to give customers individual and personalized service. At alphabiblepublications.com we will leave a cookie on your computer if you have filled out a Personal Profile with us. Your profile is actually stored on our server, however the cookie enables the site to recognize you when you return and access your profile for you. If you would prefer not to accept cookies from alphabiblepublications.com or any other site, your browser (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, etc.) includes a switch that allows you to block cookies from being placed on your computer.

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