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Teaching Methods Of The Master
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David L. Reynolds

"In this book, David Reynolds combines his intimate knowledge of the Bible with his life long training in education to provide guidelines for teaching like the Master. Every serious Christian Teacher should utilize the unique combination of old and new insights offered by this experienced educator." — Dr. Sidney L. Poe Ph.D.

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Student Workbook

Dr. Sidney Poe in conjunction with David Reynolds developed this workbook as a guide for student input and involvement as they study the best methods recognized by the teaching profession today. It also can be used by instructors for in it the bullets identify the main concepts to be targeted.

The ideal is for each teacher to have their personal copy of the book and workbook. By using these together each teacher will see their own skills improving as a result of studying the Master.

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PowerPoint Presentation CD

This PowerPoint presentation is offered as a teaching tool for Pastors, Sunday School Superintendents and instructors to be used in staff and teacher development. Within this presentation are the main points to be covered in a teacher training inservice. Instructors will find that it will save hours in preparing the audio-visual part of a training seminar.

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The Book, Student Workbook & PowerPoint Presentation CD Set

Get all three items: "Teaching Methods Of The Master", the "Student Workbook" and the"PowerPoint Presentation CD" for one set price.

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